Custom made profile pictures


@AndroidPilot, @PlaneCrazy, @Chris_Hoover, if you could do an Eagle Scout Badge Like the one in my Profile layered over a United logo, I would enjoy that very much so!

Maybe with Shaydox, in the United Font on tow as well



Maybe even trying this one. Just replacing American Airlines with NorthernSkyy. Is there any way you can maybe even do same font color and font that would be a mazinnnnng.


I changed what you said here it is now.

If you want the hold short lines I can do that if you want.


I can definitely do that!


Thanks so much! That means a lot!




@Chris_Hoover, here it is:

I can change fonts, colors, icons, or start from scratch again if you don’t like it.


If you could change the lines and my name to a dark blue, also I think you missed the “r” after h 😂


Hi! I’m interested in a logo. Been awhile since I’ve changed mine.

Anything relating to United and the 737
Whatever resolution will fit


That’s a tough one, but I’ll try. Your number 2 in the queue behind @NorthernSkyy


Thanks for doing the logo! Let me know when your done!


Roger that, if need be, PM me anything, I have to work soon and wont be able to check the community for a while


Sorry, lol, I can’t believe I didn’t notice that😕

Is this good?


Yeah that looks awesome! Thanks a lot!




I can do banners but not videos. I only know this as I am studying it in school just on better software. Sorry


I’m good at video editing and still graphics, but I can’t do moving graphics, sorry:-(


Yes, please, that’d be great!


I was thinking more like my profile picture (Maybe like a cartoon balloon of the one in my profile picture, or a drawing type of it)…

But I did say use your imagination… So good job! :)


I will give it a try:-)