Custom made profile pictures


Nicely made, well done 👍


I was wondering if anyone will be able to make me a profile picture, Something related to Airbus (maybe the A350 please) and the background can be anything really (I live in Scotland so feel free to do something Scottish related)
On the profile pic can you put ‘Graeme’ in please.
Thanks for helping in advance :)


Sure. I’ll do that today.


Thank You


Hey everyone,
Im looking to get a fresh profile picture.
Concept1: Exploding paint(Red and Orange) with the Letters IFMG written in a unique font and a bright colour.

Concept 2: IFMG lettering with a unique font and as I am from Poland🇵🇱 It could have a Polish theme around It. Hint(maybe have the IFMG letters white and Red like the Polish flag🇵🇱)
Thank you to whoever does It.


@AndroidPilot which program do you use to make custom profile pics?


My buddy @Trevor_A, who made my profile pic, uses an app called PicsArt. (that’s what he told me)


Pixelmator, Photoshop

Anyone Want A PP Like Mine?

(Airline Tail/Logo W/ Name)


Me!!! So um, maybe a Ethiad 2016 tail and I’ll give you the username I want in a second.


Alrighty, You want DJ Gold or some other username.


Hold on, I’m DMing a mod for something.


Some one do me a “R”? Runways as the lines or something? Plane in the background? Just anything nice and aviation related.


Hey so could i get this but have Tk Army on the plane in white if you can if not its algood


Can someone make profile picture where the wolf from frontier is in the background and put PilotDog in the middle.


I’d like my username in 3D with a plane turning and having mountains as the bg

Edit:PM me if u r up for the job


Alright! I’ll try it


Id like A Air New Zealand plane an my name in 3D on it


an with The New Zealand in the background


I might need to use a different animal closest to a wolf. I can’t find any Virginia the wolf tails at an angle for your logo.