Custom made profile pictures


I just finished this one for @Luke_Sta. It’s one of my favorites so far:



I really like it. Thanks again!! @PlaneCrazy


Could someone make me a profile picture. And surprise me. I don’t mind what you give me, I’m just bored of my current one don’t get me wrong it’s great but I’ve had it since January


I would suggest @PlaneCrazy. He did my profile picture. I really like it! @Connor


Background city is Auckland, New Zealand.


I like it, appreciate it!


If you would like anything changed (The pos. of the plane, the text, etc), I can do it no problem.


No, everything looks fine!


It sort of looks like the whole thing doesn’t fit your profile picture… I’ll shrink it down a bit. One second!


Here you go. Glad you like it, enjoy :)


Can I have on like this


Actually now that you’ve shunk it down I like this one


Hey is anyone free to make me a profile picture please? Full credit will be given perhaps @PlaneCrazy if you are available?(sorry for the tag) Do not get me wrong, I love the inflatable autopilot, but it is time for a change lol.
Something Airbus related please, with my username on, surprise me with the rest! Perhaps London as a background?
Many Thanks in advance


I can help you! I will send a PM as soon as I finish a few other requests:-)


Can I use this one please? Or make me one with a R. Name is Rusty.


Something i tried out. Image is from google. If you don’t like it i understand.


Feedback @2003iggy?


Would anyone be interested in making one for me? Maybe something about Cirrus aircraft and Minnesota. That would be cool.


Nice. You do one for me?


I can. What do you want it to look like?