Custom made profile pictures


Does anyone need a profile picture?


I need one please, it is above Northern sky’s last picture post. If you could do it, it would be terrific (if you have the time needed).Thx


Ok. I will start on it now


Something like this?



Could you do me a circular pic with a plane in positive climb on the left and a mountain on the right with a skier on the mountain

Colours at your discression




Exactly! Its very good. Just one thing to correct, it is a J instead of an A. Thanks!




Thank you very much! Im gonna use the second one. It is awesome. You’ll get a mention in my profile, but if you dont want it, just tell me and i’ll be happy to remove it! Thanks once again - João


No problem @Narruto_Mieumieu


Lets try the top for now…


I tried a couple different things, let me know what you think.


Hey could you write Capt. Dwyer in this PW1000G Engine (could you crop it to where the picture is circular showing just the engine?)


The third one is cool, but Can you make it more similar to the delta logo font?


Sorry if this is not a style you like but it is just my style I use a lot.

So if that is not your preference in style you should ask someone else.


It should just work when you make it a profile pic


Can somebody try to redo mine?
Again, it is this picture, but instead of JetBlue, it says JerryC in the same font
Image result for jetblue mint logo


With what I use, that’s the closest I can get. I’m sorry :(


Something I whipped up earlier


Thank Youy so much! I love them! :)


@NorthernSkyy, is there any way you can make the font a tiny bit smaller? As you can see, my name doesn’t fully fit in the profile bubble. Thanks! :)