Custom made profile pictures


Answer negative. Boo hoo :/
Just PM it to me


If you are using a mobile device, you should be able to. Just click and hold until the download option appears. If it doesn’t work, then I can do it for you.


I couldn’t do it exactly to how you wanted it, but here you are.


Could someone come up with a few designs for my profile picture? @PlaneCrazy or @AndroidPilot

Not exactly sure what I want but here are some things

-Has my name (Chris Hoover)
-Something with a plane or runway (whatever works)
-Possibly something on there that has to do with American Airlines


Looks great! Can you possibly add yellow taxi lines to the taxiway and taxi lights to the taxiway + runway? That’d put a cherry on top! ;)


I couldn’t get the taxi lines to curve, but I might be able to try again.


I will get to work on it!


Is this what you wanted @Maxim


This looks better as a profile picture


I think the orange is too bright. Possibly make the runway asphalt like @CathayPacific’s and make the outside black with the orange border? His is quite spot on but he can’t get his taxi lines to curve, so if you can add taxi lines and lights to that that would be perfect.

Edit: let me try it on


Im very interested in what you guys can do…

For me, im gonna leave it very basic and just leave it with this:

  • Hot Air Balloon/Balloons
  • Maybe a cartoon feel to it

Have Fun! :)


This but instead of the ‘Airways’ and the arabic part of the text, my username. Thanks!


I quite like it! Thanks a lot!!!


Hi! It would be awesome if you could put Northern in the blue and Skyy in the red. The words could be in more of a diagonal to fit with the logo. Maybe a more modern font would be cool. Thanks!


If that’s to complicated it would be awesome if y’all had suggestions!


I’ll give it a try, kind of hard for such a small space but I will try. What color would you like the text?

Edit, never mind didn’t read all the way down


Honestly, I’m open to ideas! Whatever y’all think would make It look cool!


Even if it’s putting the text somewhere else, I’m open to ideas.


@NorthernSkyy how’s this? If you don’t like it I’ll try a few more


I will give this a try!