Custom made profile pictures


Would anyone be able to whip up that says KPIT, but has the Pittsburgh skyline in the background? But make it interesting not just the word on a picture…


Awesome! at first I thought you wouldn’t like to, but I’m glad you do!


I can maybe try. did you like how the logo I just made for @CR3W looked? But replace the back with skyline and then your name.


Ya, that would be good. Maby brighter and more colorful. Were you going to use a picture or diagram?


Well I was going to use the thing you wanted the skyline and KPIT :) you’ll see, and then you can let me know how you like it


Do you like this as the background? It’s the PIT skyline, but colorful. Or do you want an actual picture of the skyline.


Looks good @NorthernSkyy! Fits great. I’ll give credit once my profile is all finished. Thanks again.



Yeah no problem! Glad you like it!


Oh, that is good! I like it!


Here you go! A quick edit, but I love it! There’s one with the teal shadow and one without so you can chose what you like :) and if you don’t like the teal shadow I can even change the color of it :)


Hey! I really LOVE that design! Would you mind doing that with this picture, and put Caleb2003148 with the font from the first picture.


Sure! It’s really late where I am so I gotta get to bed. But I will do it as soon as possible.


Awesome job, gona go with the shadow one… other wise the I kinda blends in with the gap between BNY Mellon, and PPG towers…


good choice:) glad you like it


Where do you get this kind of backgrounds? I want one 🤗


Can you make me one with a forward facing Delta A350 with it saying “Delta350” in Delta font in either white, black, or grey on the bottom?


I just searched “colorful drawing of Toronto skyline”. :)


Could anyone do this please? Thx


Here is your photos! You have two to chose from, one has a shadow behind it, and the other has the grey no blur shadow behind it. Let me know if you like it!


Hey! I’m doing your right now but I can’t actually get it on the bottom of the pic, is there another place you would like it?