Custom made profile pictures


That’s great can you make it a crj though


Sorry for the delay @JIA_345


Thank you so much nicely done!


Hey there! If you guys have the time or patience needed, would you mind doing one for me? If yes, i would want the pic divided into three sections, left, center (a circle) and right, like the Portuguese flag, but the left and right part should have the same lenght. In the left section, the green color, in the middle a yellow circle with the JS letters in it (if there is any space left i would want a plane shadow/ idk the name of it), and in the right the red color.
About the quality: standard or high
Here is the the Portuguese flag so you guys can understand what im talking about:


If i didnt explain myself well feel free to reply via PM or not


Can I have this custom made?

Instead of jetBlue, can I have the word “JerryC” in the same font? (ff Din font)



I couldn’t really get the same font, but I tried. I hope you like it. I’m not an editor but I thought I would try one.


Also it’s not the same background as yours but it is very similar.


Any requests?


Can you send me the background please?


Here you go!


Thank you! I hope it is a sqaure though


Has anyone seen mine, or is it too complicated to do? Because if it is i can change my request.


I would suggest to draw it.


Could Someone use the infinite flight logo with a white background and black IF logo outline with my name and if you could, a black outline of the circle of the logo? Thanks!


I would strongly suggest no one do that.


Kinda in the mood for a new Profile Picture, as I’m re-doing my Profile. Am I at the Right Thread? XD

I’m looking for something with my IFC Username in it (CR3W) and something to do with the outside, Trees, water etc. Nothing cartoon, something real looking.

Anyone up for the challenge? Credit will be given on Profile once done :)


I tried it :) if you don’t like it, let me know


Let me know if you want me to change anything too :)


That, was fast my man…

I love it! I’ll be adding it soon, thanks man 😉


Lol, I wasn’t expecting anything till tomorrow morning 😂