Custom made profile pictures


@AndroidPilot or if anyone else could turn these pictures into YouTube account banner things… whatever you call them it would be much appreciated. My channel is channel is called Speedbird Aviation.



I don’t quite know what you want. Are you wanting both pictures liked together to make a banner?


Can they could be both different photos. If you could add ‘Speedbird Aviation’ on the cockpit photo and I don’t really know about the other.


Can you tell me the exact resulotion it needs to be.


I don’t really mind but either 1440 x 1080 or 2880 x 2160 would be fine. Thanks.


Is that what you tube asks for?


I’ll domthis one if you don’t mind?


Go ahead I’m still a bit confused and I am currently doing a huge project.


No but they’re the only resolutions I know.


Hold short. I’m in it


Resolutions can be anything. Even 1x1 or 1000000000000000x100000000000000


Ok I don’t really know what resolution to use then.


Which do you think is best?


They both perfectly fit YouTube:) @77W


If you are still making these I would love one. Things I would want on it: American Airlines logo or colors
A plane
My username - rileymoyer
Standard resolution is fine.


They’re great, thank you so much!


I will make it in about 15 minutes. What plane do you want on it?


An American A321 would be great


Here you go 😉@rileymoyer


Looks great. Thank you so much.