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My logo:

What do you think of it? Rate ?/10! Any advice?


It’s ok, @ItzEhs did it


It’s good, but can you change the font to virgin america font and make the planes the o? Thanks!


I couldn’t find the Virgin america font, so i used the same font. Hope you like it


Ok. This is nice! 1 more request though: get the closest font to virgin america font as you can. Thanks!




You would be 7th in my queue, sounds too busy of a design though. Plus red is kind of hard to use. PM if you are interested.


Damn, that looks soooooooooooo good!!!
Thanks man


I’ll take it to help you!


Check it out!


Can someone make a logo for me? The only two things I want in this logo is a plane and my name, HANNIBAL otherwise suprise me!


Can anyone make me:

  • A similer logo like the one @Trio has, with the name NationOfAviation

  • Also, the same one but with an ATC symbol popping out at the end.

Cheers! This would be appreciated!

Please ignore this as I have made it myself :)


Nice 👍🏼 9.5/10 that’s what I’ll rate it


+9000/China! Love it dad!


Can yo PM me about that first one? Thanks!


Is Swiss ur dad?!?!?


🤔 Sorry, but thats something you’ll have to figure out.



Wow! That’s perfect! Thank you so much @Artem_F


Very nice, especially the 3D look with the text. 10/10


Can someone make me a logo? Gonna make an instagram account!