Custom made profile pictures


Ok sorry here’s the link to my previous post


Honestly in my opinion that picture looks great the way it is, but I’ll change the backround and text for you. Please note that I have many in a queue and will need a day to three to complete it.


Could you take this and put my username @CamoPlayz_517 on it! Btw, you can shrink the logo and put it next to the logo


PS Basically exactly like @NorthernSkyy ‘s logo


That was for me thank you very much I appreciate it 👍🏻


Actually, don’t start just yet, I’m thinking of a delta logo instead!


Never mind, you can start. Hope it turns out great!


yeah! that sounds good!


What do you think?! @NorthernSkyy


No, like which one do you want?


oh sorry! Id like an RWA F-16, please!


United Airlines Logo + United 5517 (like the delta one you did)
United Colors(blue, white, anymore, i forget?..)


Anything cool you guys can come up with for “Yuvraj” !!!



It’s not exactly what I wanted but I still think it’s cool! I’ll keep it! Thanks!


I can do some changes if you want!




I like that! MYbe using the same font as the first pic?


@NorthernSkyy, I’ve tried as well. Please, let me know what you think:)

The logo is exact one


Can anyone make a profile picture for me?


Nice job! Thank you! It doesn’t really fit my profile pic
(Worng size), but I’ll still keep it!


@Mell_Ijzerman can i get a logo like that but with the Air Canada picture i have here. and with NonBinarySkyYT on it? Thanks AC