Custom made profile pictures


That was me, and it looks cool!


Still don’t understand sorry. Can someone else do it for him.


Started on that for you and @Joeoreilly77 started yours aswell.

Standard resolution change

I have changed the standard resolution to be 2048 x 2048 as my device is beginning to struggle with the large number of them.




Yeah that’s no problem thank you 👍🏻


Well then delete them from your device after you’ve uploaded then to the community. Or store them in Google drive


Repost from 2 days ago:

Do you think you could make one for me?
I’d like it to resemble Singapore Airlines, my name (Transport_Hub) and something that looks creatively fun and interesting.

Thanks! You guys are amazing!


I store them on dropbox but it still causes the device to go slow.


Are you sure you’ve deleted them from your computer? By default, adding a file to Dropbox simply copies it and leaves the original on your computer.


I’m trying out this new profile pic I found:


That’s a really cool profile pic! I just uploaded one too since I figured I had the old one for a long time


Yeah, I had my old one for a while and thought it needed an update


Yes just what I wanted


Ooh… the 707 tail… it looks quite nice!


The best part is that that was an official logo of NWA in the 1960s and it actually looked like that on their aircraft


I just wanted to see what’s happening with mine. If you need I can repost it. (Not trying to be impatient or anything) @AndroidPilot @Chris_Hoover @planecrazy


Hey! Could you try to do something with mine? I was hoping for a cool letter D, or something cool with my name, or something like that if you can. Thanks!


@Chris_Hoover Were you able to adjust my logo?


I might start making people logos if they want. Just give me some idea of what you want and I’ll try it (still probably better to use one from @PlaneCrazy, @AndroidPilot, or @Chris_Hoover).


@Chris_Hoover @AndroidPilot @PlaneCrazy @Cbro4

  • Preferably either runway, tower or plane
  • With FRODO as a text
  • Colour does not matter

Thanks a lot!