Custom Made Profile Pictures (Re-opened)


Hey ummmm can I get a new pfp because I had this diagram of KJFK for a while now.

Colors - I like red and I guess red, black and white
Text - bookers4eva
Type - maybe abstract and standout
Resolution - I guess 2500 x 2500

Thank you :)


Perfect. Thank you


coming right up


Is there anyway I can get “Richstag” on this picture. Make it unique and appealing. Thanks


Ummm why do you want that? Is that for your profile? Because if it’s not I can’t do that, as that is a copyrighted logo.


Oh yeah my bad give me one second I think I have another one


Here you are my friend


No, no if it’s for your profile that’s fine. But if it’s not, then I can’t what’s it for @FedoraPilot


It’s for my profile, I found one


I like that one better


And you wan it to say Fedora Pilot? or Richstag?


Richstag please


Aaaaand there you are: One abstract logo with red, white and black and your username on top. Enjoy!


Wow thanks I find it very appealing and easy on the eye!


which pic do you want? Because they’re both copyrighted, so I can use either for your profile. It’s personal use, so copyright doesn’t apply, or else half the IFC would be getting sued :D


lol I’ll take the 2nd one


No problemo. Enjoy


obviously I said I try some, so… I did lol

@FedoraPilot let me know if you want something else like different text etc etc etc


Here’s a shot at it


His is better ^ lol use his