Custom Made Profile Pictures (Re-opened)


Uhh, is anyone willing to do my request?


Hello, I’d like a pfp with

A KDC10 RNAF livery departing from EGVN, in infinite flight, optionally with special time or weather.

MADRAS5 written at the bottom in a navy blue.

Standard resolution

And a GAF logo.
Thanks to whoever make it!



-Red and White
-Virgin Australia 737
-“LC” text in foreground, 737 in the back, real photo- doesnt matter what the plane is doing, as long as its clearly Virgin Australia



Hi, can I request a logo please?

  • Black background, on that a yellow cartooned house please(just the outlines of the house)
  • No text
  • Abstract or cartoon doesn’t matter
  • Resolution standard

Thank yooou ;)


Hello. I need a logo for Emirates Virtual.

  • Red background
  • Yellow Emirates logo
  • “Emirates Virtual” in the same format of the new Qantas livery
  • “Emirates Virtual” below the logo

[spoiler]My request sinked into a pile of request.[/spoiler]


Just make another request and maybe they will get to you, or they are already working on it.


Anyone interested in doing this?


Similar to my profile picture, except the text is in AA colours :) I can make it a white/black gradient if you want me to too.



Love the effort @Namit. In fact I’m going to keep that. Could you do some brighter colors?


Sure! I’ll be DMing you and you can tell me how you’d like it :)


Tell me what you think @Tajay_White


@CaptainPiazza I really like this one! Maybe chop the IFES and put UPS?



Thank you @CaptainPiazza. Excellent job!


I just made mine the other day!


Any logos made I’m free to make some I’m at your disposal 😉


Would someone be able to make me a profile pic? Something circular to fit as a profile pic obviously. I’d like it to incorporate Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon logo as a main theme (yes, I love Pink Floyd) but I’d like it to have something distinct to either IF or IFATC (maybe a logo, colour scheme, etc) to show the mixture of the two things I love most.

I’m really just interested to see how it would come out, it would be quite hard to do because of the different colour themes and experimentation would probably be needed. Open to interpretation by the designer in any way. If it actually turns out alright then I’ll most likely use it as my profile pic for IFC and IFATC. Make it simple, abstract, realistic, whatever comes out, I’d love to see it!

In case you don’t know, here’s the logo I mean:


If you love a challenge then this ones for you lol! Take as long as you need, the longer you take the better it’ll probably be in my eyes!
Thanks in advance.


Any chance on an update on the pic, thanks


I’m available for designing