Custom Made Profile Pictures (Re-opened)


Westjet colours and a maple leaf, maybe a horizon
No text
Realistic, but not actual photos


I’m available for logo making


Hmm, I would like a picture, so
Pic of Lithuanian Air Force L’39 (It can be Baltic Bees L’39 if you don’t find good photo of LAF one)
Text would be “ThatLithuanianBoi”, (That in yellow, Lithuanian in darker green, and Boi in red, if this doesn’t work, then PM me, I would send the code of grey I want)
Of course realistic
And 2500 x 2500
P.S. I can help sending the photos


Can someone make me one with one of these two and write « Robertine » on it? Thanks!


Or with this one I took inspired from @ewanfleming’s really cool profile pic :)


Could anyone make me a profile pic please?

Here are my preferences:

Background: A Philippine Airlines aircraft(s) and/or an Air Canada aircraft(s)
Text: ‘Rynjil_H" in Red and White please
Make it abstract or something unique please
Resolution: 2500 x 2500

Thank you to whoever takes on the project!


Black and white
With my callsign G-J4CK and possibly Jack as my name on there

IF logo behind.



@robertine How’s this?



Nice, but the « « were to say that that was the text I wanted, but not part of the actual text :)


Sorry about that…


No problem, lol! Would you like to choose a different text style too? I can do any of these:


Oooh, could you do the Oswald, please?
Thank you!
(And maybe a bit smaller text?)


How’s this?


Great! I’m using it!


Ok, it’s in place! Could you try with the 2 other pics, please? (Just to see which looks better?)
Thanks for the pic!


Here you go:


Hey @PlaneCrazy, would you mind making me a profile pic?


Shoot me a PM;-) Be aware that i am quite busy this weekend and might not be able to help you for a little while.


Ok, 10-4, no rush


I am open for requests