Custom Made Profile Headers

oh god i need help already 5 people are wanting headers

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hey what kind of plane

787 please!

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sure! i’m on it

I’m open for suggestions

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Me too I can make some

Hi there!

Text: Butter249
AirCanada 777

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Sure thing, on it

Here you go @Logan hope you like it

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Thanks Franna!

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What is a header and can I
Have a
Qantas 717 (Silver roo livery)
Brisbane_Aviator in black? @Zach_inkling

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Can I try @Brisbane_Aviator

Of course!

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But propably after school

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Where do I use the headers

Can i have a colorful background with a TUI 787 and a Brussels Airlines A330 and my name J2S and text (TUIVA|BRUVA) can it also be real

if you need help on putting a header which looks like this

then scroll to the top

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Delta please.

ok @Pinecone your header is done

next up is lufthansa2

Lufthansa A350
“Pertonics Aviation”