Custom Logo Request. (A designer to reply directly to my topic if interested)

Dear Infinite flight Designers,

I’ve been wanting my own Custom Logo for awhile now and I was wondering if someone can do that for me? I’ve just gotten tired of getting my logos from the internet and not have my OWN logo. It would also be appreciated if I can also have my own background logo for myself on my profile too! If someone would be willing to get this done for me for absolutely FREE, I would be very Thankful for your help. Also you will be credited for your work!

[Note. I’ve already posted a request for a design logo in the #meta category, but a designer hasn’t responded yet]

⬇️Look Below for Concepts I’m looking for⬇️

⬇️AviatorDan’s Logo⬇️

⬇️LeeAviationYT’s Logo⬇️

Surprise me with your best work for my Background! ;)

⬇️Additional Information about Logo⬇️

[Color Scheme] - Realistic (Uniform Color is royal blue)

[Text] - No text Included

[Cartoony] - Sort of Realistic

[Resolution] - Standard (2500 x 2500)

⬇️Important Message for Designer⬇️

‼️Please note that you must message me first and I’ll give you facial information privately, BUT since I don’t exactly feel comfortable giving my ACTUAL face, I will be getting pictures of the internet of eye color, skin color, hairstyle, etc… To give you an example as of what I look like‼️

Thank you for your time!

@Captain_Ian ;)

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That’s not a reason to post that here, this is not really Infinite Flight related, please wait for a designer to reply.

Related to you and a logo, unfortunately, not IF! And it does fit in a specific category, #meta.

It’s ok, someone will reply soon! :)

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Sorry, I’m just so anxious to get my own logo soon!;)

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