Custom Livery Thread

I think this is not a duplicate.
Maybe all of them are closed.
I don’t know.
Let’s try this.

This thread is about…
Custom Livery
Let’s face it most liveries aren’t going to be accepted. If you really want this livery the best you can do is to imagine it.
Therefore I created a thread where you can request liveries to be photo-shoped (Is that a word) on Infinite Flight photos. I know they maybe crappy but at least they tried, so please encourage them and give them tips instead of just saying it’s bad.

So, I’ll go first,
Here is my crappy ANA 737-800 that got 4/10 in another thread because everyone hated it!


Ummm ya, I’m not that good at this, I’m planning to fix it later but for now this is the example.

Mods and other members of please close this if this is not meeting standards.

This has been attempted before, but closed for the reason stated above. It’s quite unlikely that this one would stay open unless you had moderator approval.


There is a reason as to why most of them are closed. These threads always end up being closed, mainly due to people who do not understand what constructive criticism is.

At the moment, we’re just not ready yet.

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