Custom liveries

Hello everyone!

I hope that the similar topic doesn’t exist at least I didn’t find it.

So, my idea is to create something like a workshop, where people could make their own liveries. Of course, it should be moderated.

This will allow:
-Adding more liveries and airlines
-Making custom liveries which is very useful for the VAs.

It might be embed directly to IF, so users can choose which liveries they want.

Hope it’s possible to make. BTW: Many thanks to all IF developers and staff, you’re making a great job ❤️!

Let’s vote!
I think it’s a pretty great idea, I guess many people wanted something similar. Again, sorry if the same topic already exists.

  • Good idea
  • Bad idea

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It would certainly be very cool! There’s an existing feature request for this, I’ve linked below so you can vote and share your thoughts. Thanks!

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That’s a good idea, but i don’t think this is coming

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It was refused, one reason being that they want to keep a high standard of quality.

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It’s sad, but that’s a reason…