Custom Liveries Made by Yourself?

So I was thinking, it would be kinda cool if you could add your own livery into the game. There could be a custom editor. Select your aircraft, and then just use some type of editor on a website, or on IF, to make a cool livery for your VA or something. It could be something like Minecraft (If you’ve ever played it) when creating a new skin for your character. It would also be cool if you could have a link that you could copy to send to your friends or people in your VA. I don’t know how you devs make liveries, but it would be cool to know. Now, this shouldn’t be free. It should cost 5 to 10 dollars, depending on how detailed your livery is or something. This is just another one of my random ideas. Just trying to find a way for IF to be more unique, and for the devs to make more money for better updates.

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Please search before posting. There are plenty of other topics that suggest this