Custom Liveries for Virtual Airlines

Hello guys. The old feature request for this was outdated and had no votes, so I contacted a mod and was able to remake it!

What is it?
This feature would allow VA owners to submit a livery design to the devs and have it implemented into the game.

How would it work?
Here’s a possible system for this feature.

In order to have its own custom livery, the VA must be IFVARB approved and have at least 10 active pilots. The staff of the VA would then design a livery and submit it to developers. When the developers have approved the livery, it would be “painted” on to a maximum of 7 aircraft that the VA chooses. The VA could also choose a maximum of 2 special liveries.

In order to access these airplanes, pilots would have to enter a password set by the VA before flying. This would prevent cloning and trolling. The pilot would also have to be at least grade 3 with a working IF Pro account.

How do we get it?
You. Smash that vote button! We need this in IF, it would make the VA experience so much greater!

It’ll be hard to implement though. But don’t see why can’t they use the normal (airline) livery for that, though having a custom livery for VAs would be cool.

Well the problem is that there are many airlines that aren’t based on real world airlines.


That would be great, I think this feature could come in 4-7 years


There are a number of feature requests regarding custom liveries and this more or less falls into the same category. A few points to consider:

  1. Liveries take time to make (and review if custom ones are being submitted to staff)
  2. There are a ton of VAs that want their livery out there.
  3. A lot of oversight may be required as liveries are not as simple as applying something to a photoshop template.
  4. Every VA is not going to be happy with just one livery.

I like the idea but don’t agree with almost anything you put in the “how it would work” portion regarding restrictions of who could use the livery, how many aircraft they are on or the pilot requirement.

VAs typically try to resemble the actual airline they are trying to replicate as much as possible. Even if this were a thing, I don’t believe any VAs would want to do this. Maybe a VO? Like an IFATC livery? Other than that I don’t see any practical demand for this feature.

I believe you are forgetting that there several VAs that are not modeled after real life airlines.

True, but for the most part, the majority of successful ones are resembling real life airlines.

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Maybe, but there are successful made up VAs. Such as Global Airtours, who I fly for. also the reason IRL VAs are more popular is because it is more realistic to fly for them because people don’t like flying generic planes. This would change that.

I wouldn’t say that. Think of IPP, GAT, IFAE, there’s a lot of VA’s out there that aren’t modeled off of real world ones.

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Those aren’t VAs. Those are VOs. I suggested in my first reply that maybe this would be better suited for VOs. The OP suggested this specifically for VAs

True. Didn’t catch on to the VA mention in the original post, it is probably better suited for VO’s, although there are VA’s that would probably enjoy it as well!

Why would the pilot have to enter a password to fly a livery?

To ensure that they are a genuine pilot for the livery of the VA they wish to fly.

Why can’t anyone fly the livery

That could cause a lot of problems. In IRL, if just anyone could recklessly fly around an AA plane that would be horrible publicity for AA. Same thing in IF. There would be a lot of ghosting.

But IRL things like that don’t happen. IF is a simulator. Why would there be ghosting? People can fly an American 777 anywhere they want and it doesn’t hurt anyone. For example IF doesn’t have the Fiji A359. I really want it for real routes but your idea suggest only Fiji VA people would get it. I don’t see how the whole community getting another livery would hurt anything. Whenever IF adds a livery it doesn’t cause problems

In the current system, they would have a callsign, ie AAVA016. What if everyone used that callsign?

There’s only so much that can be done. I’ve never heard of someone using a VA callsign when their not in a VA. That can happen to anyone. Why would a new livery make it worse

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