Custom Liveries and Planes

What if IF could be modded? I think that would be cool. What do you think?


I think you meant rooting. Unfortunately, Mod isn’t allowed in Infinite Flight and it violates Infinite Flight’s Term of Service.

Rooting may cause your phone to be easy to get attacked by malicious virus. Some people has rooted “modded” their Infinite Flight. But imho, It’s not suggested as it’s dangerous for your phone’s safety and don’t benefit FDS at all imo

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Philippe has already addressed why custom liveries are not a possibility at the moment:

Custom, user made liveries - #9 by philippe?

That is found in one of several duplicates:

That’s just one. There are many more:

If custom liveries violate the TOS, we can assume that goes double for custom planes. Not to mention you’d need to be able to tamper with the code.

Given that this question has been answered many times in one form or another by the Devs, I don’t see any point in pursuing this thread much further. I doubt you’ll get the answer you’re seeking.