Custom HUD

I’ve been giving this a bit of thought and I think this would be a great idea for the next update! The button layout for the HUD right now is awesome! It’s easy to navigate and explore. There are just a few things I think it needs improvement on. I’m trying to change my heading and sometimes my finger brushes against the VS control sending the plane into a dive while on auto pilot. This can ruin many flights. My final conclusion make the HUD customizable so you don’t press something you don’t want to.

I don’t think accidental touches can be a feature in Infinite Flight due to the complexity needing to be considered on how accidental touches can be prevented. What is most recommended is that you properly focus on where you’re putting your finger so that you don’t make an accidental mistake causing you to crash or ruin your flight.

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Actually, that’s an outdated topic. This one can stand.

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Great topic. I’m out of votes though.

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A lot of this could have been handled via PM.

  1. The original is not that old and not that detailed.
  2. The new one is not that detailed
  3. The original had links to additional detailed requests specific to elements.

Based on the contents, there’s not much more in this request than in the old one. If you want to make one that has details, screen shots, etc instead of “I’d like for _____” you can. Otherwise the original will stay with the few votes it has. If I close the old one, the votes are lost for it.

Again, this all could have been done via PM.