Custom Gemini jets model airport

I am not sure if this is allowed, I’ve also searched and a similar, but old topic was closed.

Hello! Today, I decided to make my own custom airport! This airport is something I love doing. The layout was actually completely different before I finally settled with this design.

I hope you like it!

Airport Terminal with apron markings (filter applied)

Gates 1 and 2. Gate 2 can accommodate the A350

RON stands (Remain Over Night) Hardstands next to Gate 1

Looking down the gates. The edge has arrows pointed to the gates

Each Gate has an arrow with the Corresponding number that leads the airplane to the gate

Each Gate also has stopping points for airplanes. This gate (Gate 2) can accommodate seven aircraft

UPS can park it’s 752F in two different ways

Gate 6 can accomodate a B772. Frontier uses Gate 7, but can be used by multiple airlines

Service road going in between the two planes (not to scale)

Old layout before the final design was chosen

I hope you liked the pictures! It takes lots of patience to make this, including all the airplane stopping markers on the apron.

Feedback is appreciated :)!


Delta 739 too!


Absolutely incredible! I’m building three airports right now and this is inspiration.


You need to paint everything and add ground vehicles to improve it a lot


Very nice! Especially the selection of planes that are very realistic.
My Airport mat looks slightly better but the planes aren’t nearly as good. At least you took the time to make it!


I don’t necessarily have to paint on it. But I DO need ground vehicles for my airport

You should paint the terminals and taxiways even just use poster paints and a big brush it will look far better

Please don’t post pics of the terminal Gemini jets made. The reason for that is because this topic is for Custom airports


Really cool, especially that you made the terminal and ground mats yourself! Awesome job!

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Yes I love this topic I will post mine in a bit!

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