Custom Flight Crew

I believe it would be a good addition to allow pilots to choose which of the already existing pilot models were used for their pilot and the copilot (if applicable).
Pretty simple request I would imagine.

Hey there!

Could you explain in more detail? I can’t imagine what you are requesting, and more details and information about this would be very helpful. And, could you explain how it would work?

Here was a moderator response for this type of feature,

Honestly, I don’t mind the pilot’s looks at all, after all, they do the same function to the aircraft 😂

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You know what i had that idea few weeks ago!

I can see why this would not happen and thats the power it would take to render everyone’s custom chosen flight crew on the live servers.

That would get quite difficult rather quickly…

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Pretty sure your cockpit is empty to everyone else as it is. This would be for personal aesthetic.

Pretty cool feature