Custom flap settings

Hello everyone. Today I have a … different kind of request.

When practicing landings in the a330-200F, (solo) I would go to short final, the sim would load, and without adding thrust or pulling up, the aircraft gained altitude. This is because of the flap settings. I normally land the a330 without full flaps, so this can be pretty annoying.

My request:

In the settings for different aircraft, we could have a custom automatic flap setting for different aircraft when it spawns in on final, or takeoff. This would be for solo mode only. What do you think?

Isn’t it quite easy to just quickly turn off flaps? Thats what I used to do. (Until I realized its not right.)


yes, but the aircraft still gains altitude. It’d just be easier.

Why do you land with no flaps? This is pretty odd frankly.

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I land with flaps, just usually less than the ones that are set. Normally its full but i sometimes land with a lesser degree.

I like the idea, but out of all the possible features that FDS can add, I bet this one never came up at a meeting

All you need to do:

Spawn, set your flaps to where you want, hit the back whatever seconds button and they will still be at your new settings and you’ll be at the start point.


^ now that is a good idea. :)