Custom Camera Views

I propose that we have the options to create our own camera views for each aircraft. There’s all the default views, but what if you could move the drone can into a position and have that position become a new camera view? For example, you could have a cabin interior view as an option, or more wing views, etc. What do y’all think?

P.S.-this isn’t the same as the locked drone cam request 👍🏻


This sounds very intriguing!


Good Idea man

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It is very much so the same. They are both requesting for more viewing angles.


No, it isn’t. Free cam isn’t saved in a seperate slot with multiple custom views. Free cam can look at one thing that you set it to every flight.

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Well can’t you ask for that in my thread? You don’t need to make a seperate request.

I made a seperate request because they are different things. Anyway, why would I request something inside of a thread requesting something else?

Because you ask the creator to put in something else to their request. Especially if it is similar or related to the original request in a thread it is worth asking ;-)

Bumping this one, I think it would be a great feature for creating new an unique shots for YouTube videos.

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