Custom callsign

How do I make a custom callsign like AC791?


You can’t make a truly custom callsign. You have to follow one of the airlines callsigns with up to 5 letters/numbers afterwards. Or follow a country’s aircraft registration formats. Like G- (4 custom letters) for Great Britain for example.


Unfortunately, you cannot make your callsign AC791 - custom callsigns, along with changeable usernames, were removed with the introduction of the 20.2 update.

However, based on your previous topic, I assume you want to set it to Air Canada - which you can do. Simply open Infinite Flight’s settings, go to the Online tab, tap your callsign, go to the Airlines tab and scroll down until you find Air Canada; then type 791 in the ID tab.

Or, you can do what Adam suggested above.

Ohhh ok thanks I was just wondering cause I always see this YYVA21 so I was just curious

This was created before the update I’m pretty sure and it was never changed.

Anyone who had a callsign like that from the old system kept it unless they changed it. I guess they haven’t changed their callsign in 2 years.


Ok thanks you guys

You can no longer use it for 1 of 2 reason. 1 is to make it more realistic and add more realism. The 2 major reason why is safety. Prior to 20.2 many users used callsigns that were inappropiate containing slur words and bias related attacks aganist people. For example this image was on another blog post.

This also prevents trolling. Such as a user deciding to put a callsign with spamming letters or numbers such as
Boeing 787878787878787878787878787878787878787878787878787878787878787878787878787 or
Delta 1234567890098765432234567

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VA would be Virtual Airline meaning they are VA Pilot’s.

As described by @AviatorAlex you can do this when selecting an airline then you can manually enter your call sign

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Ok thank you

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Hey There, what callsign should I use? United Eagle, Atlantic Jet, Atlanta, Thunderbolt, Firebird, Firefly, Navigator, Mosquito, Lemon, Great Dane, Dragon, Flight Check, Eurobird, Greenstar, Pelican, EuroAtlantic, Eastflight, Blue Island, Falcon, Tiger, Candler, Anima Wings, Legend, Goldstrike, Towline, Heron, General, Cyclone, Compass, WDL, Nile Bird, Peoples, Flagship, Private Wings, Privilege, Mercury, Sky Power, Vanilla, Raptor, Windrose, White Jet, Knight, Tailwind, Swift, Wingspan, Whitestar, Stobart, Aerosky, Skytrans, SkyUp, Silk West, Sharp, Safarilink, Thunder, Cobalt, Regent, Pegasus, Eagle, Bolt, Hog, Devil, Deuce, Moose, Gypsy or Empire?

Anyone you want! (but personally I’d go with either “Gypsy” or “Raptor”)

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