Custom callsign

Hello people of infinite flight community!

I was wondering how people get custom call signs (for example:

I don’t know if this was once possible or if it’s a old glitch that got fixed.

Thank you :)

You can go to general Aviation and type it in. 8 characters max

So when you go to put your callsign as an airline it will be under the Genreal Avaiation. Then you can type whatever callsign you would like that’s 8 characters

Display Name>Click Current Callsign>Go to General Avaiation> click and type what you want

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I know but it automatically turns to caps so instead of “kaiser” (for simplicity) its kilo alpha India Sierra echo Romeo

Well staff and moderators get there name lower cased. You can try and I ask but I doubt they would allow

Yeah it wouldnt say your callsign like “Trevor” as the game doesnt recognize full names… there is feature request to be able to get that in the game though

This feature was removed about 3 years ago because it was being abused. People would use it as an outlet for swear words and other inappropriate terms.

Those who still have their “custom” callsigns simply haven’t changed it yet. And yes, moderators and staff alike can make their own custom callsigns as well i.e. DeerCrusher or Rogue One.

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Mmmhmmm I remember back in 2014 I did it and it worked so I’m a lil confused on how some regular infinite flight users do it now

Okay thanks. I remember my first flight and there was a person with the callsign of bbs. Oh well hopefully the add it with a filter

Chris is here so he will give you a more detailed reason☺

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There are limitations now on the callsigns due to abuse. Some long time users who have never changed their callsign are grandfathered in. However, once they change the callsign it will be lost. Staff and Mods do not have such restriction. It was said before but please note that the letters will be spelled out.

Display names allow for more text but are not read aloud in the sim.


Well thanks for an explanation, I hope they add the type whatever you want thing back, you may close this :)