Custom Callsign Callouts

In all honesty, I wouldn’t mind paying a whole 5 bucks just to get my custom Callsign callout in the sim.

How would it work? A custom Callsign generator. You type in 3 letters for what your Callsign would be. For example, you could choose “ACO” as your 3 letters, then you have a screen in which you could type in what those 3 letters would stand for. In this case, “ACO” would stand for “Air Connection”, and then you can add your own numbers to the end of it. And in the sim, it’ll say “Air Connection” instead of “Alpha Charlie Oscar”.

And the trolls? Forget about them. I have two suggestions for this…

1: [quote=“AmericanAirlines, post:2, topic:61122, full:true”]
You could just have a team of people check the callsign and make sure there’s nothing bad. If they accept it, you’re charged, if not, you’re not charged.

2: You have an option to personally block a Callsign so it doesn’t say words. For example, if somebody bought the Callsign “TMP” and it said “Trump” in the sim, and you didn’t like that, you can select the Callsign you want to block, select those 3 letters, and instead of it saying “Trump”, it’ll say “Tango Mike Papa”.

And to prevent duplicate Callsigns, it should be made to where if you selected 3 letters, and somebody else already bought a Callsign with those 3 letters in that sequence, you have to choose another sequence.

This would be absolutely perfect for Virtual Airlines by the way! Let me know what you think in the comments. 😉

I’m praying that this isn’t a duplicate…


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Neat idea. Can’t really see anything wrong with it, but they are going for realism in the sim, and this might not resemble that. Not terrible though

@MishaCamp’s Callsign is “Superman” for crying out loud. 😂


He did that when you can put in 8. If he changes it he can’t change it back

That’s actually a really good idea. I’ll add that in if you don’t mind!

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Somebody would’ve told him to change it if realism was the case.

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They didn’t give him the option to do that, really. He took advantage of a “Loophole” They changed it from 8 characters to 7 for realism

There is literally no possibility of me changing my callsign unless I’m needed to for super secret reasons which I can never see a need for


Well Misha, you changed it, did some super secret reasons come up?