Custom Built Model Airports

Many of us collect, or have collected, model aircraft. Lots of people display them on model airports. You can buy fully equipped model airports from brands like Herpa, or Geminijets, but maybe you don’t have the money or space for them. What do you do? Build your own! I’ve seen many people on this community that have created awsome, “Do it yourself” airports for their models. Post yours below and show us the details you put on it, what materials you used, and the general layout. Give new collecters inspiration for their own airport.

Notice: This topic is only for custom made model airports and model airport additions. Please post factory made models here.

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This is the model that I’ve been working on for the last few days:

It could be used for Gemini jets, but I’m using Daron and Matchbox because my Gemini jets are too big of a scale.

The airport consists of 1 runway, a small air force base, a terminal with 6 air bridges and 2 gates, and a small parking lot. I built it on a large table in my room using paper (for the tarmac, fences, and building walls), and Lincon logs (for buildings). It also has tons of accurate taxiway and runway markings.

Here are some more pictures:


Front of terminal:


And finally, a small military air base:

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed! Please post yours below.


I have one I made completely out of paper.

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Nice! Maybe you could go over the grass with green watercolor, but keep the marker there, that might look nice. I would try it in a different sheet of paper just to make sure you like it. It looks great though, nice work!

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I am currently building a quantas hanger for my a380 and 747 it is 1 200 scale here are some pictures. It is not done but has working lights and doors.

This is some of my progress. When it is done it will go in my airport.


I am currently working on the AC there is a pic of the real one


I have spent over a hundred man hours on this so far hope you enjoy

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Here’s a time lapse of my airport. I did finish this past the video but it got destroyed and used as parts for my RC plane.


That looks incredible! It’s amazing how much it resembles the real thing!

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thanks I think it will look good in my model airport.

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Nice model airport. I can see how many hours you have invested in this incredible thing. Just one thing I need to add. Runway 01-36 is impossible. It needs to be either 01-19 or 18-36.


Oh, thanks for letting me know, I see the problem and will fix it;-)

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@PlaneCrazy you said that was a military airport? If so it would be cool to have a gate that keeps people out

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It has a small military base in the corner, and there is a fence that surrounds the airport. The airport’s primary purpose is commercial.

The fourth one looks so real 😳

Wich one are you talking about?

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wow the lighting looks very nice. are you making it out of plywood or balsa or something else?


I love that tiny F35. I’m currently building my Gemini jet airport and fleet. Should be finished between now to Christmas. But its not going too well since I am occupied with building my RC F35B.

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It’s not currently set up, is these are just some photos off my old phone. The airport was designed using Microsoft Publisher then printed on a large sheet of paper at my dad’s office. The terminal buildings aren’t complete yet, but they do have lighting. There’s also a photo of a homemade (3D printed) model aircraft.


Wow. That’s amazing…

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Can we have some close shots of the terminal?