Custom Badges

I believe custom badges would be a nice addition to the forum environment. I feel these badges would be beneficial because we would be able to see what role each person has in the community. For example, airport editors would receive an airport editing badge. Recruiters would receive a recruiters badge, and so forth.


So you want more added to the list?

Yep! They added a community manager badge a while back… Not sure why it was removed. I liked it!


Everyone would know your role in the community, and if you want to see who else can help you with the same role you can click, “see others with this badge”


Didn’t think of that! Would airport editors get a shiny gold tool badge or something? ;)

No, that would only be for the leaders of a team/group/ whatever

So… Regular airport editors would receive a silver badge? Airport editing managers (Cam and Jonathan) would receive a gold badge?

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Not sure about specifics now but, I suppose it may be something like that.

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You would have to contact Discourse and ask them for a platinum badge. ;)

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On discourse’s forum, don’t they have a staff member with some stupid badge like official fish or something?

if something that strange happens on the discourse forum, I see no reason why this shouldn’t be done here

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I had this idea earlier, but not to show rank. Instead, it would be to show who does what to contribute to FDS and/or the community. Examples:

Airport Editing: Henrik Berg, David Cutler, Kilt McHaggis, Cameron
Extension Applications: AR_AR, Cameron, Pierre
3rd Party Entertainment: Jason Rosewell
Developer: Matt, Philippe, Jarno, ragbag
Retired Exterminator: Henrik Berg (whatever that means)

Of course these are just ideas, and some might not be necessary. A badge would only be added if multiple people fall into that category, and if it’s meaningful, so Carson doesn’t make a badge called “New Yorker” for living in New York ;)


Well… He’s not the only one technically…

  • Post edited to make more sense ;)
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Some guy on Discourse has the “Waffles” badge for people who really like waffles.

Yeah. Like a wrench crossing over a Control Tower!😃

Where am I :’(

Only listing examples, I didn’t open Slack and check to include every airport editor

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Don’t forget the advanced controllers, they (we) also do something cool around here ;)


Add @Ben_ny to the list

BTW why does Henrik have a custom badge… I want that too :(