Custom ATC chatter

Hi there, I wanted to inquire if it was possible to incorporate the voice note style of communication between ATC and the pilots. Instead of the synthesized voices, we can converse through voice notes by holding down that mic button. It can be optional as well for others too shy to speak so they carry on using the style we currently have. Your input is welcome. Cheers

Laura has already said doing this will increase the trolls. A long time ago we had this issue in the Training Server called KNUC. Trolls with no experience would fly around harassing players, we don’t want a similar issue. We aren’t having another KNUC again


Maybe it could be only on the Expert Server?


Some Grade 3 players cannot be trusted


😕 I’m a Grade 3… True statement though. 😂

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Regardless of the trolls, we need to add a sense of realism to the simulator.

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At the very least they could try to find a better voice than the one they have now. One that sounds less like a robot 😜


If this does have a chance of getting implemented, like other’s have said, it would have to only be on the expert server.
Maybe it’s only allowed when there is a IFATC at the airport that can easily ghost trolls?

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I believe you can change the ATC voice, if you deem the current one not to your likimg. You can find it in #tutorials

Maybe pilots and ATCs can be chosen by serious interview.If they are seen when trolling on the server they just get banned.Devs have never tried that so far i guess.


Sounds ideal but I highly believe moderators (or anyone) don’t have the time to conduct interviews one by one to deem who is worthy of voice.


There is VATC services that do this, example being Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service (IFATS)


Hey Slay, Oscar recommendation for IFATS is really good. It uses a third party app and thats just about the only inconvenience if you do not have a discord.

Their ATCs are regulated and well trained for the task, personally experienced a few of their sessions.

Give IFATS a search on this forum and it should provide a discord link or something, cant really remember xD I personally also feel that voice implemented on IF isnt a good idea but a third party group providing a well trained team of ATCs is as good as what you are looking for ^_^

P.S. Im just someone who have utilized their service so its like a customer review =p


True but still they know the consequences of trolling on the expert server so I don’t really think it would happen

Well um do you mean a week ago?
It could be a good idea in the future @Slay.

When Rockstar Games was developing the police dispatch voice for GTA V, they recorded tousands of lines (mostly just words, numbers, streets, etc) and created a system that automatically forms a sentence from a select number of characters.

Here is a quote from the GTA Wikia about the GTA 5 police scanner;

“When announcing a vehicle description, the dispatch operator will often use Hedges (using "um"s and "ahh"s) as if trying to interpret a description from an eye witness, for example “Suspect is in a uh… white Albany Emperor”. This was likely done so recordings are shorter and take up less space on the disk/user’s hard drive, and to reduce the need for the repetition of vehicle/location names.”

Maybe the developers can do something like that?

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Thats why we have IFATS, you should check them out!


We could have a system that we type into to talk and it says it for us and if people troll then it can give them a violation or a ghost

What i want is something where i dont type to ATC, but something that i can type to other pilots,
let me explain! instead of coming to the community and searching for someone who likely isnt here you can chat with them in game and tell them whatever if you just want to be like Hi or tell them they did something wrong. that would be my idea.


But not all IF users use the community