Curves and transition of line colours in LiveFlight

This thread addresses two things, first being the flight path of aircraft in LiveFlight and the different line colours representing different altitudes.

Sometimes when I change heading (not on NAV mode but manually) the flight path in LiveFlight also changes direction to. But instead of it making a smooth curve like in IF it just makes a half curve and then a 90 degree bent (which doesn’t look nice to look at). How can I make a nice, smooth curve without any bents?

Moving on, when it’s time to descend from TOD, LiveFlight altitude colours just change suddenly (from purple indicating 35,000ft and above to blue indicating below that without gradient transition). Any tips on having that gradient show in LiveFlight? During takeoff from ground to 6000ft there’s no yellow or yellow-green. It’s just white then suddenly green.

Hope you understand what I’m talking about…

It might be a browser issue when you’re viewing LiveFlight. Mine works perfectly fine, what browser do you use or do you use them app

EDIT: never mind I opened up liveflight and I’m completely oblivious to the sudden colour changes, yeah it’s an app limitation with no workarounds

I use Chrome always. I thought it had something to do with the site?

LiveFlight isn’t continuously taking data from the servers. It will receive its data every X seconds. If you make a 90 degree turn in less than that time period then it will show as a 90 degree turn not a nice curve as actually happened. To make the nice smooth bends try buying horizon and downloading a KLM file which will show it how you want.

The colouring issue is not something you can change manually. It is how Cam (Developer) has got it set up. I’m sure he’ll look into making it more of a gradient change of colour but until he does it will be the sudden changes as you mention.



Only reason why I asked that is because liveflight is more limited on browsers other than chrome and Firefox. If you open it in safari or edge they always give a popup.

Regarding curves, can you send a screenshot of it?

I’m trying to do a 90 degree turn but in LiveFlight here it shows this:

What do you mean by buying horizon and downloading a KLM file?

Yea it’s probably what Matt said above, because if you’ve noticed liveflight, when you turn your plane sometimes keeps going straight because it’s trying to predict your flight path before it refreshes the data from IF. It only refreshes once every 5 or 10 seconds if I recall, so if you want a nice turn, try and make the radius as wide as possible, or the turn slower.

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He meant KML. When you buy horizon, you can download a KML file of your flight plan which you can open in google earth
Which you can see like this


Yes I also wonder why it does that then it actually corrects it on its own after a few seconds.

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Horizon is the ‘pro’ version of LiveFlight. It allows access to many more features such as filters and the ability to download KML files. KML files are like what @Bev7787 showed above.

umm it’s KML files. Not KLM files. One is a file type the other is the Netherlands’ national airline. :)


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