Curved Parking Lines

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I have been playing IF for a few years, now, and I’ve been wondering why the parking lines on some airports are curved or have weird shapes., like the picture down there 👇
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Airport editors use satellite imagery to create “high detailed” airports. These curved lines that you are talking about can be seen in real life to help pilots to park properly. It’s like the curves on the taxiway to help you turn correctly.


When I pushback, should my whole aircraft follow the line or just the front wheel?

Hi, Robertine,

Those lines usually dictate how to drive in or out of the gate.

A good example of these sort of curved lines is at EGLC and other airports with space constraints.

As you can see, you would drive in along the dotted line and then make a right turn and park your nose wheel one the X, once you are done with operations, you would then exit the gate by following the yellow line instead of pushing back, so essentially these lines are just meant to guide traffic.

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Many of the sweeping curves are that way because the main gear will take a different course than the nose gear. These help as a guide to get that main gear lined up accordingly especially for larger aircraft like an A380 or A330 that have a wider turning radius than a smaller A319.

Take a car making a turn compared to an 18-wheeled tractor trailer type vehicle as an example.


Thank you for the fast and helpful replies!

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