"Curved" ILS Approach

Hello, I’m making this feature request because I think that it could be a revolutionary, especially for airports that have a “curved” ILS approach because of terrain conditions, such as MMMX, LOWI, VHXX, etc.
Here I’ll show you what a curved ILS Should look like:

  • This could be a really nice way to do tricky approaches via curved ILS approaches with Radar; so, for example, before the turn, the pilots can get estabilished in the curved Localizer and can have a smooth turn on a tricky approach.

  • Also, another intention for this is that Radar controllers can clear them to the Approach, and then, hand-off them with Tower when turning or before the turn for final.

  • Also I’m asking this because Radar controlles usually issues a heading for a ILS approach, when the turn is made 7nm before the runway, and then, the pilots get Handed-off with Tower when on short final, so they likely have to report quickly, like on 2nm (max). This is based of a story when I was on short final at MMMX.

  • Also I’m asking this for being realistic at dangerous airports with ILS approaches.

Hope you guys liked it. See you there. Feel free to vote here. This could be revolutionary :)

ILS approaches can’t be curved, so it would be highly unrealistic to do so. Sure, LDA/IGS exists, but they are not widespread and not quite “curved approach”, and MLS isn’t around anywhere at all. I’d let IFATC Officers say about the convenience to them, as both of us are not one.

This seems like the same thing as an LDA.

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Well, I’ll investigate it and if is not duplicate, I’ll post one tomorrow :)

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