Curved flight plans

Sadly i have no vote free but qs sson as i get an vote free i will vote for this

You got my vote

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yes! this is a great idea!!

I would imagine it would be super easy to put into the game too!

Still, the line will be made of many waypoints. Not sure this is the right solution.

It is a such important feature !! I hope we can get it. it’s annoying to always overcurved the FPL

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I remember I had to take control from the AP when I reached my destination and I had to do a 90 degree turn bc the turn was so sharp lol

This would really help to do smooth transitions, not like now that the aircraft goes to the left or right super hard, like if the pilot saw a cockroach inside of the cockpit.


Ah ha this made my laugh


I totally agree and will be love to have it. But sadly I’m running out of vote :(

I think this should be done because when I turn a waypoint, sometimes it goes past the path. What a cool idea!

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Nice feature request. This would make things much easier!

Very good idea. I support)

Bump. This needs to happen. Flying procedure turns especially with approaches like VABB is rather impossible with the current jagged flight plan lines. Voted.