Cursed infinite flight

I was digging through my tablet’s photo app, when I saw some videos that I recorded in 2018 and 2019, when I was at my peak of activeness. (The Delta 757 clips were recorded during the 20.3 public beta)

This is more or less a collection of images of bugs I’ve encountered after years of playing Infinite Flight. These are just several ones that I’ve seen over the years, I’ve documented much more but didn’t include them.

I believe I’ve posted a couple of the photos featured in this video on Humorous Live Photos, but most of these are just things I found interesting.

Volume warning: A bit loud, so if you’re sensitive to loud noises or high pitched noises, or use headphones, then I suggest you turn down the volume just a tad.

smuckers uncrustables are the only things keeping me alive please send help


Oh my god this is great! 😂


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IM Dying this is perfect what was that airport at 20 secs

The airport is LB37, which used to have an elevation glitch that made it crazy high. However, it was fixed in an airport navigation update, so unfortunately, nowadays you can’t experience this glorious bug.


Noooooooo Man I wanted to visit that place

@RoyalJordanian your landings can qualify for this video


which one ? the one i landed all gears all together at the same time ? or the one i drifted in ?
or the one i went sideways ? i’m just happy only small amount of people noticed them lol


How about all of them haha @RoyalJordanian

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Infinite Pain lol

That 757 crosswind landing gone wrong… Hilarious. Apparently you forgot to increase thrust and ended up stalling.

Infinite Crashes

Those are nice.

Uncrustables are the only thing keeping me alive at this point. This isn’t a joke every day I wake up, go to the same school full of people who all think they’re better than one another, full of teachers who either don’t want to be there or hate you, spend time with people who don’t like me and who I don’t like, then go home, cry in the shower for an hour, then engage in a sorry attempt at studying, all for what? All for the uncrustables, every day, twice a day, those absolute godsends of treats get me through my miserable life, the sweetness of the jelly matched with the saltiness of the peanut butter, all on soft, round bread pockets. Reality isn’t real, happiness isn’t real, only uncrustables are real


so i’m not the only one

also this video made me laugh for the first time in a month and 13 days so thank you

I find this video incredibly entertaining, for unknown reasons…

😮 Huh?! What did say your game bad simulation game a problem?