[Currently Closed] YSSY [TS1] HawaiiPilot10 ATC Tracking Thread

  • Welcome to the oldest and probably most viewed tracking thread that is currently still up

Why I Chose To Create This Thread: I believe I have practiced well enough and watched enough tutorials to start working on bigger airports! So from now on I am officially changing my thread to different airports. Right now, I don’t think I can actually apply for the big leagues till next year so I will start fresh. Starting on December 29 2017, I will officially start fresh as a well trained “trainee” and work my way up anyway possible to achieve my one goal on here. There is nothing stopping your dreams from coming true unless your patient and you keep having the same desire everyday! Do not stop until you achieve your one goal and we can agree on the same one! Thank you to those who do show up and help make this dream of mine a reality some day, Happy Flying, Ryan V.

  • Those who do show up will also depart in a pattern so I can sequence you in

Note: If people do not show up 30 minutes prior to the time I announce the thread being opened, I will just shut down the tower and ground due to inactivity for my public training

-Join Now as long as title says [OPEN] or [Currently Open]

Your support when coming means everything to me and I would personally like to thank you if you came for taking the time out of yours to work with me


I’ll spawn in. Callsign FCD

ok ill be xpecting u

I’ll be there in a C-130J, call sign Air Force 8 7 2.

Hey there again, I think you should have a look here. I wasn’t cleared to land by you and when I called my final, you sequenced me #2 traffic to follow is on final but I was the only one on short final :)


I will be there! Callsign: UA149

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See you soon. American 127

Hey! 5T here. You’re doing great, keeping things really organized and communicating well with the pilots. Make sure to clear planes for landing (their tag should turn green). It’s also important to note that many planes only need one sequence – tell them who to follow initially, and let them go. If they cut out of order, send them around to the back of the line!



The link BlakePope shared is very useful, there are also lots of tutorials for atc that you should utilize when using IF’s ATC system.

Here are somethings I’ve noticed but for clearer instructions, the tutorial can provide them. Partially because I’m using an iphone and its too inconvenient to screenshot and draw on it xD

1)Asking me to enter a pattern again

XXX Enter right/left downwind traffic to follow is XXX
You only use this when an aircraft is inbound to your airport, or when you reissue during a runway change.

2)Sequencing to aircrafts can be given in the pattern without giving a pattern entry

XXX number 2 traffic is on final
There is a dedicated tab to this. Just click on a number and give the location of where your traffic is at.

3)Landing clearance can be given after sequencing

Right after giving a sequence and acknowledged by the pilot, you can provide a clearance.
I was puzzled why grade 3 pilots were repeating that they were on final,touch and go
You can actually give the clearance even though they are still on downwind leg
ATC: XXX number 3, traffic to follow on left downwind.
Pilot: number 3, traffic to follow on left downwind.
ATC: XXX cleared number 3 for the option
the pilots already know who they want to follow, go ahead to clear them to ease some burden

4)Line up and wait

To expedite departures, given separation is sufficient, once and aircraft is on the ground, issue a Line up and wait.
But also remember to issue a take-off clearance one the runway is cleared else the other guy on final has to go around.
Issuing a cleared for immediate take off to airforce was wrong. It would be safer to wait for the cessna to land.

I left after you broadcasted the closure for TNCM. There’s still a lot of work for sequencing but I’m sure if you take the suggestions given by your peers in the community as well as read up the tutorials, it will help you improve over time.

All the best =)


I was the Cessna 208, callsign MU-BA. A couple of mistakes I was able to notice.

  • You cleared me for takeoff while I was holding short before you cleared the person for takeoff who was already on the runway after you told him to line up and wait.

  • You initially sequenced me currently, but then you resequenced someone and forgot to resequnce me, which led to me and the F-14 to be confused which ended us both flying downwind.

  • I noticed that you frequently forgot to give landing clearances not only to me but to other aircraft as well. I was never cleared to land for my second pattern. Despite me trying to constantly remind you by reporting final.

  • You didn’t give exit runway instructions.

  • You didn’t tell me who to follow until I reported right downwind on all of my touch and goes.

What you can do to improve.


Step 1. First you should correctly sequence the aircraft. Tell them exactly who to follow. Take control of your airspace.
Step 2. Then soon after you sequence them, clear them to land.

You should do this as fast as possible for all aircraft so they know exactly who they’re following and they’ll adjust they’ll speed and altitude accordingly.

The first time someone takes off for touch and go, tell them which direction you want them to fly, either left traffic or right traffic. You should ONLY do this ONCE. You should only tell them again which traffic to make if you want them to fly to the other direction after their touch and go in situations where you want them to change runways or give some space in the left/right leg.

Be calm and take control.

All the best.


I am spawning in as a Cessna 208. Call sign WINAIR01

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Spawning in a 208. Callsign: WINAIR03 :P

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I agree, I forgot to clear mostly 6/8 of the aircrafts for landing or after the options… Ill be more aware next time, Thank you for noticing that now

This is extremely helpful as well.


I was N787PR. Good job on the transition. I knew that you were trying to maintain separation but there was no need for the 360 nor speed commands. You could’ve just simply instructed me to extend downwind or that you’ll call my base when there was enough separation.


You seem to be getting confused. I was your controller just now @ TNCM. I don’t know why his title says that he’s still open.

You can post any relevant feedback here @Jose_Oscana

Blake Pope || ATC Tracking Thread || "CLOSED" ||


@PocketAviation @Balloonchaser

Same mistake as Jose. I was your controller. Feedback below if possible

Blake Pope || ATC Tracking Thread || "CLOSED" ||

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Are you still open? I had to leave and am returning now!

Just closed :( Be sure to keep an eye out for my thread as I’ll be open soon ;)

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Im the ATC Tower right now for TNCM btw

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