Current Weather in Southern California

There’s some crazy weather in Southern California right now. I was en route to KPSP in my Cessna 208 but had to divert to 51CA. Low visibility with 38kt winds gusting to 51. Has anyone else had to divert?


Divert? Just punch through those winds and show who’s boss! 😁


Had a plane come in one time, guessing with the same mentality… everyone was diverting due to the winds… here he comes right into wind shear over the threshold… I’ve never seen a plane be suspended mid air before… but they can hover like a chopper! Lol


Divert? Please, fire up those engines, muscle that rudder around and show them what you got☻😈


I wouldn’t recommend it though in real life but in a sim? sure why not?


And why not? Live life on the edge

Haha you got it, Chief


Divert? In a Cessna 208? I can land with my Decathlon in them gusts! Haha I’m just kidding.


Meanwhile I’m over here barely making it close to the runway in a A320… 😂


Thank you so much for the heads up, I was planning on taking off 1CA6 , I’ve also made a minor adjustment to the title of your post. :)

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I never divert, not even in the strongest winds and the lowest visibility, I just make as many go arounds as I have to.

speaking of windy gusts, they should add a feature where for example if youre on the runway and a B747 has just taken off in front of you, you should get turbulence when you takeoff.

That is called wake turbulence. I haven’t been to SoCal yet and I don’t think I’m going to because of this winds. 😂

Dont underestimate some of the planes, use the B787. The 787’s wing flex is beautiful and its amazing in windy conditions.

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