Current VVTS Tower Controller Handle?


Could someone please provide me the handle for the current VVTS tower controller?

While I was waiting at the hold short line, Vietnam Airlines 324 Super clipped my wings and proceeded to line up extremely close to me on a parallel taxi line. There was no way for me line up on the runway without clipping him, so I had to exit the flight right before taking off!

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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@Thunderbolt is your guy!


Hey Aniket,

I have received your PM and will contact you after I am finished. Thanks for the help, everyone.


Hi Aniket! Glad you found your controller. As an extra resource for the future, I’d recommend checking out the IFATC Directory in conjunction with If you use these two sites together, you can find the active controller’s IF name and search for that in the directory to find their respective IFC tag.


Thanks everyone, this can be closed now! 😁