Current violation system

I am confused, if you get ghosted how long does that kick you out of server for right now?

You’re kicked for 7 days from the expert server

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And if you get three or more that lasts a year or something?

As of now, if you get 6 or more, you cannot access expert for a year

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IF is getting rid of ghosting. So no need to worry

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Yeah it’s on the grade table on IF. You can’t have a ghost in the past 7 days if you want access to expert server. If you have more than one ghost… the longer you’ll have to wait!

I know I was just curious because today some guy ran into me and he got ghosted and I was just wondering how bad the punishment was.

I’d consider it more of a rebranding. IFATC will still be able to report, it’s just the severity will vary depending on the violation.

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