Current status of my Intro Flight

The instructer is late, we arrived later than usual (thanks to my idiot brother) and we are still at the airport. I checked ATIS and I have information Victor. The plane we are flying is going to be N7242G.

I am currently waiting, and am getting a little nervous. We will be in the air soon :)


Don’t stress bud ! Just relax and all will be fine ✈️…


Good Luck😀✈️

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Thanks, I hope it goes well, it’s windy too.


Good luck bud! Enjoy it 👍

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Instructer is here, got the checklist :)

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Enjoy the flight! My first flight was on N130JA.

I still remember my first flight on a C152. The last thing I flew was a DA42. Enjoy it!!

Hopefully he lets you get some good flying in! For my intro flight I did the entire flight except for actual landing. I taxied, did the take off, and flew til final. Fun times!

@F14Doge You can view the results of the flight here:

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