Current Status bar settings

Hi guys, here is my current status bar settings while i’m flyng on IF (Longhaul or Short flight)

(In this case, I was still climbing )
Left side for to control my flight progression with the high winds / Right side control my fuel levels.

So what’s yours?


All times and distances used on left. With load for landing next to altitude AGL. Watch this for my smoooooth landings lol


great one, nice shot too

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Is this topic really needed? I’ll post mine later if this stays open


Flying from KJFK to EGLL on expert as we speak

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just to share. After if you don’t want show yours, it’s not a problem


I don’t see anything wrong with sharing some information and having a civil discussion since that’s what is good for the health of the community. @Delta_Alpha_Lima there is much more to the community than feature requests, support topics and events so let’s keep it cordial.


Sorry for not posting a pic, but here is my setup.

Altitude MSL - Ground Speed - Vertical Speed - ETE to Dest - Dist to Dest - Fuel Remaining - Load

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I actually flagged this thinking that there was no need for this topic like @Delta_Alpha_Lima Said, but like Mr Levet said there are far worse topics then this, and as long as there is a civilized and matture discussion we can have a topic like this around which can end up having some very intresting information you haven’t maybe heard of.



Theres nothing wrong with this topic

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Flight Time
ETE 2 Dest
Dist 2 Dest
Altitude MSL
Fuel Remaining
Fuel Flow

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Here is mine from a flight im actually doing right now, basically @DeerCrusher and I were doing a flight from Hong Kong to Memphis fedex flight.
If you check Laura’s IG, you can see the flight he was doing with me.


Airspeed -
So I know I am not going over the speed limit!

Altitude -
So that I know when I reach cruise altitude and am at a safe height.

Winds -
So that I know if I need to pull out the rudder!

Yoke -
So that I know when calibration is needed.

Fuel Remaining -
So that I know if I need to divert or need to stop for a refuel.

Flight Time -
So that I know how long I’ve been flying for and also so that I can log it for my Virtual Airline.

ETE To Dest -
So that I can make sure that I don’t oversleep and can adjust accordingly with alarms!

Pretty familiar with my status bar. I don’t think I’ve changed it since about March as it’s all I really need!


ETE to dest
Flight time
Fuel dump
Fuel remaining
Fuel flow
Dist to dest

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Groundspeed: Its nice to know how fast you’re moving across the ground when you’re outside of a cockpit/HUD view.

Altitude AGL: Assists in making better judgement for your landings. This is the altitude above ground level.

Winds: Similar to the groundspeed, its nice to know what the winds are like when you’re getting those awesome screenshots and enjoying the scenery of global.

Fuel Remaining: Uhhh, its a must have in the toolbar with global. Without this you’re a doomed pilot, and asking for trouble.

Fuel Flow: This is a great one as it’ll give you an idea of how much fuel you are burning. I keep the Fuel Flow and Fuel Remaining next to each other and in the center as they’re the more important items I keep my eye on when flying.

Visibility: Having more information the better. When approaching an airport its good to know if you’ll have to rely on your instruments to get you to the runway.

ETE to Next or ETE to Dest: I primarily keep this one on ETE to Dest as it’ll give me an idea if I’ll have enough fuel to make it to my destination. The nice thing about this feature is that the ETE to Dest will change to either red or orange depending on how much fuel you’ll have nearing your destination.


I like yours more, I’m changing mine.


I’m very jealous of those 181 knot tailwinds


that picture tho


Here is mine:

Ground speed: Useful for taxiing.

Altitude AGL: Nice to use for high elevation terrain.

Heading: No real reason.

Yoke: Just plain useful.

Distance to destination: Use it for fuel calculations.

Fuel remaining and ETE to destination: Pretty much necessary for global.

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