Current spirit livery gone?

With the new update the old spirit livery was added to the a320. I like the livery, maybe even more than their current one, but why was the yellow one removed? Seems to me like more choice is always better especially when the one removed is the current spirit airlines livery and most widely used. The old one is still seen of course and i am very happy with the addition. Still tho no need to remove the iconic yellow i think. Any ideas why this was done?

On the A320? We have 2 Spirit liveries:

Spirit Airlines (blue/white/red stripe)
Spirit Airlines 2014 (yellow)

This website has a list of all the liveries in Infinite Flight:


@BennyBoy_Alpha Could be a bug on my side but i had the new update installed from the day of release and couldn’t find it. I’ve since opened and closed the app many times of course so I don’t know what could be the issue but it is just not appearing in the livery menu for me

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On the main home screen - click on the three bars in the top right, then “ABOUT”.

In the top left it should say the version you have installed - it should say:

“Infinite Flight - 24.1” if you have the update installed.

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Huh, this is very weird. I’m sorry for wasting time. On play store it showed the newest update was installed (31 dec) but my game still shows the old version. I’m reinstalling now. Thanks for the help @BennyBoy_Alpha

No worries! Glad I could help!

Do let me know though if you can see the new Spirit livery once you’ve installed the update.

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@BennyBoy_Alpha Yes it is there! Thanks again. It is still unusual tho, wasn’t the old livery the only one on older versions? I do remember flying with it, so how could it be that only the newest added was shown, it’s why i thought it was removed

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The old livery (Spirit Airlines in-app - the blue and white one) which we’ve had for ages is the livery the airline introduced in 2007.

The airline then introduced the yellow “banana” livery in 2014.

We’ve never had the yellow “banana” livery in-app before as far as I recall.

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Oh i see, you’ve got me then, I’m sorry. Could be that I don’t fly spirit that often. Thanks for spending the time to reply to me

No problem - glad I could help.

Any other questions - feel free to send me a message.
Have a great rest of your day :)

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Certainly! You too!

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