Current Runway operations for an airport (RJTT)

I’m going to leave this in general because I’m not sure where to put this on a forum. Where would I find current operations for an airport for example if I wanted to know what runways were currently in use in real time at a particular airport where would I find that information. I’m sorry if this is a dumb question thank you for your time

Flightradar24 could help and this should be in ATC

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34L/34R right now FYI

For what operations departures and arrivals simultaneously on the same departure and arrival runways🤔

It’s very interesting to see that current operations are runways 3/4 left and runways 3/4 right however on the game those runways are colored red not that red is the Bible but if a controller send somebody to a red wing Runway I don’t want them as the pilot to think I don’t know what I’m doing as the controller

IFATC does this all the time. Sometimes its because that’s just been running and its too busy to change. Sometimes is how the operation of the airport is, sometimes its just because the controller wants to match real-world operation.

Who knows, but like you said, red doesnt mean closed.


Not only does color not matter, but winds are varying from 350v050, but the 16s are yellow. Sometimes IF is just wrong. I wish the runways weren’t color coded. Then everyone would just have to learn to read a METAR and do some basic arithmetic.

The winds being what they are, I don’t see why you wouldn’t use 04 and 05, but there’s no real reason to use the 16s just because they’re orange, seeing as they shouldn’t be. Current operations look to be landing 34s and departing northeast bound. Don’t see any real reason to eliminate 04 and 05 though. They’re there, why not use them.

Yes, ATC determines runways in use, but not just to prove a point. You never want to cut your available runways in half just to prove a point.

But, certainly no reason to feel the need to use 16s, as they have the worst headwind component other than maybe 13 and 14. (Based on latest METAR when I checked. If it’s changed…it’s changed.)


I used RJTT before (in real life) and I look Flightradar a lot so if you wanna fly realistically, here is my suggestion. RJTT use runway 34L/R and 22 and 23 for landing and they never use 04, 05 16R/L for landing. But if there are any ATC who doesn’t know about these stuff, he just tell you to land in whatever opens…


You said why they don’t use runway 04,05,16s for land? (In real life) well here is some crew that you could understand. Mostly aircraft try not to fly over the city with low altitudes (like 3000ft-1000ft) and it’s so loud. And you know Haneda is busy everyday 😅 So it’s hard to land without giving any noise pollution. And solution is “just don’t use it or it make really hard approach” so this is kinda why they don’t use 04,05,16s


So am I to assume that runways 16 left and 16 right are used for all departing traffic even if departing North, they are just going to have to make that turn after departure is that correct🤔 I asked that because when runways 34 left and 34 right are in use runway 34 left is strictly for Landings and runway 34 right is used for departing traffic heading north while runaway five is used to depart traffic heading in a more southerly Direction

3.1.1 The following runways are generally used
except when the said runways are not
available or an urgent situation exists.
3.1.2 There are however preferential runways
between 2100 to 1400 UTC slots as listed

  • Runways 16L, 16R, 05 & 34R can be
  • Runway 04 is used when northeast
    wind is about 20kts or more. or if
    Runway 05/34R is closed
    3.1.3 For jet aircraft, only scheduled flights are
    authorised to take off from Runway 34L
    between 2200-0000 UTC. (See
    HUMMINGBIRD 4 SID Chart 30-9).
    3.1.4 Between 1400-2100 UTC the following
  • Runway 05 (north wind operation
    applied) or Runway 16L (south wind
    operation applied) is preferentially
  • When Runway 05 and Runway 16L
    are not available, Runway 16R is
  • Runway 34R is available only when
    north wind operation applied, under
    following a. or b. circumstance, and
    Runway 16L/R does not suit for safe
    a. Runway 05 is closed.
    b. The wind condition on departure
    exceeds crosswind or tailwind
    take-off limitations of Runway 05.
  • Runway 04 is used when Runway 05,
    Runway 16L/R and Runway 34R are
    not available

Preferential runways are used for certain
time slots as listed below:

  • Between 2100-14 UTC
  • Runway 34L and 34R (north wind
    operation applied) or, Runway 22
    and 23 (south wind operation
    applied) are preferential.
  • Runway 16L is used when
    southeast wind is about 20knots
    or more, or when Runway 22 is
    not available (including the case
    that Runway 23 is not available
    and Runway 22 is unsuitable.
  • Between 1400-2100 UTC
  • Runway 34R (north wind operation
    applied) or Runway 23 (south wind
    operation applied) is preferential.
  • When north wind operation is
    applied, and Runway 34R is not
    available, Runway 34L is used.
  • When south wind operation
    is applied, and Runway 23 is
    not available, Runway 16L and
    Runway 22 is used in this order.
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Thank you very much for that but very useful information because I did have some questions when there is a south wind for runways 16 left and Runway 16 right. do you mind pm me this information thanks

I’m currently on Flightradar24 looking at Tokyo and I noticed runway 16 right is not really use that much for departures they make them cross that Runway and takeoff from Runway 16 left or at least most of the departures that I’m seeing I wonder why that is is it because of aircraft size

No, I said they were using 04and 05 for takeoff, not landing. His original post said he felt bad sending people to 34 instead of 04 for takeoff.

As seen here (NE-bound runways are 04/05):

I did not ask about landing, as I would have been using 34s in that scenario.

If this is meant as a shot at my ability to comprehend things, I think you have chosen the wrong target.

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You’re right because Runway 34 left and Runway 34 right and Runway 22 and Runway 23 all have ILS approaches