Current Issues

I must say this is one of the best organized forums I’ve been on.
A lot of great information is being shared.
I’ve learned a lot and I enjoy Infinite Flight all the more because of it.

However, there are things that just don’t feel right. There are even things that don’t feel good at all.

Playground. Don’t get me started on that.
But now the Advanced Server is getting worse as well. Just wait and see what happens when ATC goes away.
A lot of people just don’t care. The mentality of certain people.
I had hoped that this could be an environment shielded from outside real life stuff. It’s not.
People are people. There are people who deliberately want to annoy others or cause problems.
There are people who use inappropriate call signs. And so on.
All the rules that must be implemented to try and regulate this. Emphasis on TRY.

Then the forum itself.

I’ve become a Regular in just two months.
I did my best to contribute to the community in several ways.
I just don’t get some things.
I get the Real World Aviation category. I somehow also even get the Spotting subcategory. But is it really necessary to post all aviation spotting photos? This is about Infinite Flight! It’s not an aviation picture database!

“Well if you don’t like it, don’t look at it”, I hear you think. True. It’s just an accumulation of things that sort of caused the fun part to fade away.

I’ve tried things to help make things better.
I even started a team called Sky Patrol. Not to play policeman but to go fly with a couple of fellow pilots. Before taking off we would look around to see how things were going. Just for 10 or 15 minutes. When we spotted something “bad” we would make sure it was deliberate and then report that pilot with enough people to be able to ghost that person. So having fun and doing some good in the process.
I think there were twelve people in the group.
Then the update came and people disappeared. Just a couple of them returned.

I’ve answered people’s questions or pointed them to the right source or in the right direction.
I also tried to give information to help pilots and ATC keep it as real as possible.
Proper runway usage at EHAM for instance. Most people just don’t seem to care.

It could be me. I could be just too sensitive. But me having fun is my main goal here. If I can’t, I’m gone. It’s that simple.
Right now, the fun part is sort of gone. That’s caused by being disappointed in people. Being hurt by them. Feeling ignored. Not understanding why certain people do certain things. Having to flag more posts than I would have liked to. Reporting trolls. All of it.

I think I’ll fly SOLO for a while. I don’t know what will happen later, but for now, you might not see me as much, if at all.

Thanks a lot to everyone I’ve been in contact with in a good way. You know who you are.

Happy landings!

P.S.: I didn’t say I was leaving. Just taking it slow for a while.


Thank you for the time you have spent here. We appreciate it!

Best wishes to you, Jan!

Shame to hear this Jan, I’ve had a lot of fun with you through Infinite Flight and the forums, hopefully you will change your mind and be back soon :)

You’ve been a huge part of the forums. It’s a shame to see you go. It’s too bad that it had to come this. Happy Landings, Rob.

Take a short “get away” but be back soon. Your insights and judgements are appreciated and respected. You are a scholar and a gentleman and, of course, an excellent pilot. Looking forward to see you again soon!

Some people like it, so why not?

I like the RWA but if you don’t like it Don’t use it[quote=“Jan_Polet, post:1, topic:30223”]
This is about Infinite Flight! It’s not an aviation picture database!

Infinite Flight is part of aviation, so what is wrong of having a RWA category?

People Who fly in PG are getting much better and better![quote=“Jan_Polet, post:1, topic:30223”]
But now the Advanced Server is getting worse as well. Just wait and see what happens when ATC goes away.A lot of people just don’t care. The mentality of certain people.

What’s wrong with it? I feel that Advanced is also getting better and
When ATC go away rarely people act like a childish

Anyways you were a great guy
Thank you for joining us, Good luck!

Life will never be perfect but will always have a sense of headings towards perfect.No matter what you think or do not everyone will always meet your standards or accept you’ve done good.Good example is even for the developers some people never see the work they do they just keep complaining.Thats life!.There must be people who rough up things a little bit and others making sure everything is straight.You just have to accept it and you know.Just KOKO keep on keeping on

Happy landings!

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i saw your enthusiasm in every post and you look like a very great guy, everytime i have pleasure to talk with you and see all things you do and say for the forum.

Thanks for that!

Jan Polet for Mod 2018!


There will always be people who abuse the system. On the forum we try our best to deter and suspend trolls as fast as possible. There is nothing wrong with flagging, that’s just helping the community and we appreciate it. As per the live issue, the new grade system is supposed to help the situation. On the advanced server if you are at a controlled airspace and something inappropriate happens and the person hasn’t been warned or ghosted, you should report it to an ATC recruiter because that should not be happening.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Oh no, not you @Jan_Polet! Off all the people who have joined here fairly recently, you have pretty much been the one that comes to mind as being a great member.

PS sorry for not being so active in Sky Patrol unfortunately managing 5 slack teams ain’t easy :(


I’m not gone. Just more quiet.


Sad to hear this, but if it’s for the best to have a break go for it. I know exactly how you feel, servers are going downhill. Playground is just… Playground. Advanced is not taken as seriously as when it came out. Wether it be pilots Landing close together or taking off into eachother… You just can’t win without traffic control. Then again it’s the uneducated people who simply have no idea about basic rules and regulations. The only rules they will follow is the ones which avoid them collections violations. Since the grade change I must admit I’ve spotted an improvement throughout the forum itself. Many new users coming in, asking great questions and being properly and respectfully educated about ATC and Server rules and regulations. Hopefully eventually a large majority of Live users use the forum, and learn the correct way. Hope to see you flying again.


Everything I agree with you except Spotting category…