Current global server issue?

Anyone noticing the global server signal unusually flickering? It has been on and off for most of my 2-hour flight. Terrain isn’t loading very well.


Is your internet connection stable? What device are you on?

Try clearing your scenery cache if it’s only the scenery issue.

It’s stable yes. I’m on an iPad mini 4. I’ve cleared scenery cache just now. Let’s see what it does.

For what I understand, the problem seems to be of your local internet connection, maybe check it out here and send us a screenshot of the results.

If it was the server problem, the terrain would appear well, maybe this is a problem of your cache scenery or the storage


Yes it’s been lagging a little for me as well but things are smooth now

Same here, encountered the same issue.

Ping 40ms, download 17.66Mbps, upload 74.26Mbps. What do you think?

Something is going on, we’re looking into it!


It returned to normal now, just trying to let you know the issue.

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Thank you @schyllberg

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Happened in my case as well
I was flying from Cape Town to Durban I was flying from Cape Town to Durban airport
All of a sudden all my cameras excluding HUD Got Hay-wired
And while I was 5 nm away from the runway on the final approach. I suddenly lost my attitude and crashed ( also the runway vanished)


Should I still be able to start my flight or should I wait for this to pass?

That is up to you :)

This may lead to increased loading times when initiating a flight, scenery appearing at a lower resolution as well as airport scenery not loading properly.


I had an issue a few minutes ago as well. I was about to land at St Helena (FHSH) and the airport map (the runway and apron) wasn’t loading so I had to go around and try again. I landed on the 2nd attempt but the airport map still didn’t load. It loaded once I cleared the scenery cache and restarted the app.

Would wait if I were you, better then having an unpleasant flight and i’m sure they’re working on it to find a solution as quick as possible.

Well I can’t go around, I will have minimal fuel on my arrival in Cape Town in 2 hours. Best of luck to you hardworking staff to squeeze this back in one piece!


Oh, I saw you there, I’m heading to FACT :)

Speedbird 7 (A318)

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Same issue here, first noticed it around 0740Z. Trying to spawn in FNLU, didn’t work. Restarted my phone, cleared scenery cache and switched to mobile data, then it loaded after a couple minutes. Hoping things will be ok for touchdown.