Current Flight Path?

Hello. I think it would be a cool idea to implement to idea of showing what you’ve flown in your fight (like when you click on a different plane in live you can see what they’ve flown [green line]. This would be cool if you could see your own. What do you think? Example below.

Hopefully this gets added!

If I had votes to spare, I would honestly love this!
However, there is already a work around, you can use LiveFlight online which works just like a Flightradar24 for IF.


Please choose a more appropriate title. It is quite vague and does not clearly describe what it is you are seeking.


This idea is smart. I thought it came with the update when you could see others, but it could still be implemented.
Oh and for DeerCrushers suggestion: Current Flight Path?

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Make sure you vote for your own request @Michael_Weinblatt

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Hey, this is actually a duplicate 👇

Feel free to vote here!

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That works too.