Curious, who owns IF?

I always thought Mark Denton/Skyhawk Heavy was the owner of Infinite Flight, but after reading the post about him stepping down, I realized hes not the owner. So, that leads to my question. Who owns infinite flight? If its flight development studios, who owns that?

BTW, I did not find a post about this in the past.

I think it’s Laura and Phillippe,they are the founders of FDS. By the way when I read the title I though you were asking about who owns Infinite Flight on their device lol 😂


She was the co-founder of FDS. There is a group of amazing staff that make this game how it is today

Laura and Phillipe are co-founders of Infinite Flight.

Don’t forget Philippe.


Haha LOL!!

How come I have never seen Philippe on IF? I’ve seen Laura on IF tasting new planes, she was testing the A-10 in Chicago today.

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He’s probably doing more developing than testing… maybe…?

Idk. Maybe one of them will see this topic and give us some insight 😂

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I think that Philippe flies more often on solo (or a private channel).
That would explain his stats

Bit of a weird fetish, if you ask me. But each to their own! Haha


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