Curious question regarding a new airport.

With China opening up Daxing International Airport, how long will it be before we get charts for the airport? Never been around long enough to see a new major international airport be opened, so I am curious about the whole process.

I don’t think he’s talking about IF adding the airport but rather IRL.

His question is when will charts be made for the airport as it’s going to open.

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Yeah, that’s what I was talking about. Thank you for clarifying.

I would assume that they’d have all of the charts ready prior to opening the airport or when they open it. They need it so surely it’ll be ready as it opens at latest.

Yeah, before every airport opening, they will have basic waypoints around the airport and depending upon how much modern or popular its going to be, they will have all the charts available before opening of the airport. Usually, the aviation commitee will assign points after talking with an engineer. So once they finalize the localizer, ILS and all the taxiways, runways, and gates, they open the airport.


I can’t comment on a new airport but I imagine it’s like when we get our procedures reviewed. We have a PAR and ASR approach we have to renew every so often so the FAA flies a Learjet with special equipment to make sure the approach meets standards set forward in TERPS. The airplane is known as flight check and they get priority over other traffic. This is how it works in the US so I imagine it would be similar elsewhere. The whole process takes a few months.

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